transportes alternativos

Through alternative transport, taking care of the environment is something we all have to do and it is easier than it seems. There are alternatives and small tricks that we can do in our daily lives to damage the environment as little as possible.


For example, we can change the way we travel to reduce the CO2 emissions we make in our daily lives.


That’s why we at WellWo, a healthy company, are giving you these tips:


5 Alternative transports to take care of the environment


Go on foot:

Not using any kind of transport is the most effective way to avoid emitting any kind of polluting gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect.

It can be part of our daily cardiovascular exercise. In this way, apart from helping the environment, we will be getting in shape and improving our general health.

We can set ourselves a challenge and try to take more steps every day. For example, when we return from work, we can take a longer walk and take advantage of it to buy some things we need to prepare dinner or go to a park to clear our heads, get some fresh air, etc. It can be our little moment of disconnection and relaxation. When we get home we will feel better and we will be able to do the housework with more energy and in a better mood.

Ride your bike:

Like going on foot, it’s a great way to be non-polluting and to do sport. Riding a bike is a fast way of transport that helps you to clear your mind and reduce the stress accumulated after a long working day.

Nowadays there are a lot of different bikes, we are sure to find the model that best suits our needs. We can choose an electric bike, which will help us to make the effort. If we live in a big city there is surely a public bicycle rental service, this will help us to spend less and not have to look for a place to leave the bike since there are many parking points spread throughout the city. We will also save on maintenance.

Another good option is to opt for a folding bicycle, they are very light and if we combine the use of public transport with the bicycle it is the best option to be able to fold it and get on the bus or metro with as little inconvenience as possible.

Use public transport:

Today in most cities and towns there is usually a very good public transport network. You can choose between using the metro, bus or train, even combining them.

Car sharing is a good alternative:

A good option to save both fuel and the emissions we produce, is carpooling. We are sure that we agree with a colleague who makes the same journey as us or we can use one of the many platforms on the Internet to discover which people make the same journey, or part of the journey, to share the car.


If we all share a car, we will reduce the number of cars on the road, apart from reducing CO2 emissions, it will also improve traffic and we will be able to get to work faster, maybe even get up later.  


Use an electric car, scooter or motorbike:

Electric cars, scooters and motorcycles pollute less than a normal one, plus, recharging them is cheaper than using fuel. If we can share them it would be perfect.

Now you know, taking care of the environment through alternative transport, is up to you. It’s all about awareness and getting started. Cheer up