Las hormonas del bienestar

Much is said about the hormones of well-being and happiness. There are those who consider that wellbeing lies in the accumulation or acquisition of objects, in the material. There are those who believe that it is in immaterial things, like being with family, finding the love of your life or spending the afternoon on a bar terrace with your friends while drinking a coffee or a beer.

Well-being seems to be that it is not a certain science, that each person considers one thing or another. Or so we thought until now, since the scientific community is increasingly agreeing that they are biochemical processes, which occur within us, therefore, everyone is able to feel them, to have a sense of well-being if they are stimulated or produced correctly.

In WellWo, we are going to tell you which are the main ones, so that you can stimulate them and therefore feel happier.


Discover which are the hormones of wellbeing and happiness:


Endorphins: these are the best known hormones. I’m sure you’ve heard of happiness hormones. They are in charge of producing pleasant sensations like well-being, happiness, sensation of tranquility or euphoria. They also inhibit pain and regulate sleep. These sensations are similar to those produced by morphine and heroin.

Cortisol: this hormone is in charge of regulating stress, anxiety and giving us the energy we need to get through the day. This is why we must make sure we have adequate levels, having too much can be counterproductive.

Oxytocin: is the hormone that allows us to establish affective and emotional bonds with other people, increases sexual desire, the sensation of pleasure during sexual relations and is responsible for strengthening the emotional bond between mothers and children.

Melatonin: it is the one that regulates the cycles of sleep and wakefulness, stops the premature aging of the cells and protects the neurological system.  The lack of melatonin causes insomnia and tiredness, which contributes to our discomfort.


More hormones involved


Adrenaline: a good dose of adrenaline will give us the motivation we need to overcome any obstacles we may encounter, to enjoy relationships and to be more productive. Not having enough adrenaline can cause depression and lack of motivation.

Serotonin: controls mood, reduces aggression, controls appetite and sexual desire, as well as body temperature and sleep cycles.

Dopamine-This hormone is in charge of the reward circuit. That is to say, it is the one that allows us to feel good after having achieved a goal we had set. This hormone is closely linked to motivation.

Thyroid hormones: these hormones are involved in many processes in our system and control various emotions, such as improving our sense of well-being and mood.


How can we control them?


To ensure that you have good levels of each of these hormones, it is best to have a blood test.  Your doctor will tell you if you are in the right range. In case they are not the right ones, they will tell you the best ways to increase or decrease them.

As soon as you have good levels, you will notice that you feel much better, that you are happier. You will have a better mood and enjoy a more pleasant life. This is the secret of well-being, controlling the hormones involved in these processes and stimulating their appearance. Can you ask for more?