Doing sport is very important to be in shape and have good health. But rest is a fundamental part of the training routine because it allows the muscles to recover and grow. 

One of the main mistakes that beginners make when they start training is to train every day. Without resting a single day because they want to see results as soon as possible. But this is a mistake that delays this development. 

When the muscles are resting, they grow. After having subjected them to an effort, when they are at break they adapt to the series and repetitions to which we have subjected them and they gain volume. After having subjected them to an effort, when they are at rest they adapt to the series and repetitions to which we have subjected them and they gain volume.  

Why is rest so important after training?

When we train, we are giving our body a stimulus. We are putting it under stress. After this effort we will have lost energy and strength. For the body to return to its normal levels, it needs rest. 

When you increase the intensity of your , you need to rest the most. As you know, in order for the body to continue evolving, it must be subjected to new stimulations. This is done by increasing repetitions, changing exercises, gaining weight, etc.

But when we make these changes the body usually suffers a little more, because it has to get used to the new details of the routine. That is why it is important to give it enough time to adapt and not to overtrain. 

If you do not rest properly, the next day of training you will not be able to perform at 100% and the risk of injury will increase. It is better to rest correctly and train with all your energy and strength than to train two days in a row and do it badly. 

We cannot train a body part two days in a row. If you train by body parts or areas, you should keep in mind this rest rule.  

It helps us to remove pressure and rest mentally: many times it is the user himself who is obsessed with the sport and who forces himself to train more and with more weight or more assiduously to improve faster, or so they think. This causes a significant metal wear. We must learn that everything takes time, in sport we do not see results overnight and we must be patient. If we rest physically and learn to relax, we can also rest mentally, which is undoubtedly just as important and will benefit us. 

Techniques to rest properly: 

Drawing up a good training plan: establishing which part or parts of the body we are going to train each day and calculating the days that need rest after that training. In general, the ideal is to leave two days of rest between each session, for example, if we do shoulders on Monday, we should not do shoulders again until Thursday. 

Rest at least one day a week (ideally two) without doing any kind of sport. This will depend on our sports objective, but generally resting a couple of days a week is what our body needs. If we can’t rest two days, we can do one and the other of active break. 

Follow a daily routine: eat early, go to bed at the same time and get a good night’s sleep is essential for the body to acquire a routine and rest properly.