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About us

WellWo is the corporate wellness service that makes companies grow.

Since 2019, some of the best companies, from different countries, have joined the corporate wellbeing service that has all the benefits for the teams in a single customized platform: WellWo.

Our approach is transversal and multidisciplinary, designed to positively impact the lives of our employees in all aspects of their lives.

Physical Health

Physical Health
Nutritional Health

Nutritional Health
Environmental Health

Environmental Health
Emotional Health

Emotional Health
Social Health

Social Health
Financial Health

Financial Health

Why choose us?

The answer is simple: we are leading a revolution in organizational health and wellness. With WellWo, you’re not just joining a franchise, you’re joining a movement that transforms companies and cultivates a healthier, and more productive work environment.

¿Por qué elegirnos?

Why is corporate wellness care a smart and powerful investment?

Growing trend

Corporate wellness is booming like never before. Organizations understand that their growth depends on prioritizing the health and balance of their teams.

Verified business model

WellWo has proven its success with tangible results. Our verified business model gives you a solid foundation to build your own business.

Quality service

The WellWo platform offers a wide range of wellness tools. All content is audiovisual and created in-house by human and professional teams.

Support and trainingn

By joining us, you won’t be alone. We will provide you with the support you need every step of the way, from the initial setup to the growth of your franchise.

Income potential

With a growing demand for corporate well-being and the WellWo brand, you have an exceptional opportunity to generate significant and sustainable income.

Join us in our mission to transform the business world by driving success through wellness.

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to make a difference and be part of a revolution in the care of the basic pillars of the worker… this is your chance!

Looking for

Discover a unique entrepreneurship opportunity with WellWo

At WellWo we are looking for passionate franchisees who want to make a difference through corporate well-being.

We are looking for people who share our vision of being the leading international platform for corporate wellness services and who want to support organizations in creating healthy environments.

If you are a person:

Passionate about wellness

Enterprising and committed

Empathetic and communication skills

Innovation enthusiast

If you identify with these characteristics and are ready to join WellWo in the mission to improve health and wellness in the workplace, then you are the person we are looking for!


Case studies

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What do our users say about us?

FNAC logo

Armando Gómez
Welfare and Occupational Health Manager at Fnac Spaina

Our employees and their families enjoy a single touch of the phone to get a dose of vitality, a virtual gym and challenges that serve to interact with all the pillars of well-being.

The Body Shop logo

Gabriela Fioretti
People Iberia Director of The Body Shop

At The Body Shop we are delighted with the WellWo platform, more than 150 people use it to improve their wellbeing at all levels, we love all the resources, especially the daily doses.

Vivace logo

Nemesio Navas Moreno
General Manager of Vivace Logistics

I recommend the WellWo platform for the quality of the tool, the programs, the versatility and flexibility it offers. It allows us to carry out our corporate wellness and engagement project.

Grupo Mexico logo

Arelí Fares Valdés
Assistant Director of Talent and Culture
Grupo Mexico Mining Division

The tool they have offered us is of high quality, and the wellness programs it includes, meet and in many cases, exceed our expectations. We have counted on the service, support, advice and accompaniment of the WellWo team.

Roadis logo

Amalia Susino Vilchez
HR Manager
Talent & Development at Roadis

The most interesting thing about Wellwo is that it encompasses health in its broadest sense: physical, emotional, nutritional, social, environmental and financial. This allows us to acquire healthy habits that really favour the well-being and personal development of our employees.

Grupo W2M logo

Magdalena Nicolau
Development and Talent Manager
Grupo W2M

We are launching W2M Wellness hand in hand with WellWo – Health and Wellbeing at Work, a space full of content to help improve the quality of life and increase the well-being of the W2M team, both at work and in the personal sphere.