WellWo is much more than a set of tools and resources to enhance health and well-being in organizations. We are a community of passionate and committed individuals addressing all aspects necessary to promote comprehensive well-being in society.


WellWo’s mission is to build a strong culture of health in organizations, fostering a proper balance between work and personal life. We are dedicated to caring for people inclusively and sustainably, providing a comprehensive well-being service. We aim to inspire and motivate individuals to improve their quality of life, supporting organizations in creating happy and collaborative environments where each person can reach their full potential.


Our vision is to be the leading platform nationally and internationally in corporate well-being services by creating technological and innovative tools that enhance people’s lives. We commit to building a better society, providing a space to learn, inspire, and offer mutual support on the path to well-being while assisting organizations in creating healthy environments.


Our core values include commitment and responsibility, creating a positive impact, collaboration and teamwork, integrity and trust, a focus on people, service quality, cultural and generational diversity, innovation and creativity, passion for well-being, respect, learning, perseverance, and courage. These values are the pillars guiding us in our company.