Ahorrar energía

Do you want to save energy on your electricity bill? Sometimes we think that it is not easy to save energy so that at the end of the month we have to pay less. For this reason, today we have prepared this guide so that you can learn how to save energy in a noticeable way.

Saving energy is important for our pockets, but also for the planet. It is a matter of putting into practice some habits, which will not suppose a very big effort, to consume more efficiently. In a very short time you get used to these small changes.

Discover the best tricks on how to save energy

  1. Take advantage of natural light as much as you can: this is the best way not to waste so much light. We should turn the light off or try to turn it on as late as possible. Surely we can take advantage of it several hours a day. Besides, it is ideal to use it in many activities that we do in our day to day.
  2. Change your bulbs: if you still use traditional bulbs and you are wondering how you can save energy one of the first things you should do is to put in LED or energy-saving bulbs. They may be more expensive than the others but we assure you that you will pay back. On the one hand they last longer than the others (about ten thousand hours) and on the other hand they consume less.
  3. Turn off all the lights: when you don’t need a light, turn it off, especially if you are going to leave the house. Even if you use LED bulbs, these should also be turned off. It is an unnecessary expense to have a light on when we do not need it.
  4. Unplug unused appliances: Even if it doesn’t look like it, keeping an appliance plugged in makes us waste light. Every time you do not use the television, microwave, computer or any other electrical appliance, unplug it. Some of them have a function that allows you to spend less than half when they are off, find out if you have any of them.
  5. When cooking, cover the pots and pans: you may not know it but when we are cooking some of the heat comes out if we don’t use a cover. This makes us need more energy to cook. Also, this will make it take longer to heat up and we can start cooking. It is also better to use pressure cookers because they use less energy. We also recommend that you do not open the oven while it is running, because every time you do it loses temperature. This will cause it to waste more light so that it can return to its previous temperature. Therefore, it is better not to open it. Nowadays, practically all ovens have a glass door so that you can see the inside.
  6. Don’t leave the fridge or freezer opened: just as the oven wastes more energy when we open it, the fridge and freezer do too. In addition, the cold in these appliances is lost very quickly so every second they are open is an increase in our bills. One way to save is to think about what we want to take before we open them.
  7. Turn off the oven or glass-ceramic hob 5 or 10 minutes beforehand: these two electrical appliances retain the residual heat for a few minutes so we can use it to our advantage. Turn off the oven and the glass-ceramic hob 10 minutes before your dish is finished cooking and thanks to the heat they have retained, it will finish cooking without any problem.
  8. Perform good maintenance: we can start by buying appliances with a good energy rating. Then, do the proper maintenance of it when it touches. At least once a year you should clean the refrigerator coil, the air conditioning filters… If you keep your appliances clean and without anything that forces them to spend more light so that they can work properly, you will manage to save on your bill.
  9. Whenever you can, wash your clothes in cold: 90% of the energy used by the washing machine is to heat the water, imagine how much you can save if you wash in cold. Bear in mind that with this type of washing you will also have clean clothes as with hot water.
  10. Iron all your clothes at once: I’m sure you didn’t know how to save energy by ironing your clothes. It takes a lot of time and power to heat the iron. So it is better to iron all your clothes at once. To make it more efficient you can start with those clothes that do not need so much temperature. As with the oven and the glass, turn it off a little before finishing all the clothes and take advantage of the heat that the iron has retained.

Thanks to this guide brought to you by WellWo, you will learn how to save energy and see how your electricity bill will decrease. Moreover, as they are very simple gestures, you will get used to them immediately. Let the whole family adopt them so that the savings are as high as possible!