dolor en la espalda

We have all suffered back pain at some time, in fact there are studies that say that 80% of people have suffered or will suffer some kind of discomfort in this area.

Back pain manifests itself in different ways in each person. Some notice a sharp puncture in the lower back, others notice a small constant discomfort or even may notice pain intermittently.

This pain can disappear in the same way it has appeared, suddenly. It can also last several days or be a chronic pain (which is the one that lasts more than three months).

The most common ailments are: low back pain (usually the most frequent), back pain and neck pain. The first one appears between the end of the ribs and the beginning of the thighs. Back pain is linked to the pain of the spine and the neck pain is the pain in the cervical area, it is not as frequent as the previous ones, but it causes a very acute pain.

As it is a pain that each person feels differently, it is sometimes difficult to diagnose. Among the general symptoms that we can notice, we find: muscular discomfort, stabbing pain, pain that limits our flexibility and movement. We may also have a tingling or burning sensation in the muscles. Feeling pain in the legs, hips or soles of the feet or even weakness in legs and feet when walking.


What causes my back pain?


It is important to know the cause of the pain so that it can be treated properly. Low back pain often occurs after improperly bending over or lifting, picking up objects that are too heavy, or holding them in a way that doesn’t touch, by making push and pull gestures.

It can also occur after driving for many hours or sitting with a continuous hunched spine. What many don’t know is that these are often activities that we do in our daily lives or at work.

However, the origin of upper back pain is often due to overloading. Also due to making repetitive movements (which we do in our daily life without noticing). Or due to an injury during sport or an accident (whiplash).

Pain due to medical causes is also frequent, causing mainly back pain. Although it can also cause pain in other areas of the back. It is caused, for example, by osteoarthritis, scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures in the vertebrae, herniated discs or overweight.



Tips for preventing pain and its treatment.


The best way to prevent back pain is to take care of it. And the best way to do it is through specific exercises of postural hygiene focused on strengthening this area of our body and to know which postures we should adopt in our daily life. That is why we give you some examples:


To avoid back pain we advise to distribute the weight between both arms when we pick up a heavy object. Bending with a straight back, bending the knees and contracting the abdomen, will help us prevent injuries.


If we are sitting for many hours, we will try to get up from time to time to stretch our back and thus relieve muscle tension. Following a healthy, balanced diet and hydrating ourselves correctly to maintain an adequate weight, so that our back does not have to support more than the recommended weight, will also help us a lot to have a “Healthy Back”.


But on the contrary, if we have pain in this area of the body, we could do the following. The pharmacy can advise us on over-the-counter medicines or ointments to treat the discomfort. However, if the pain is prolonged or very acute, it is best to go to a specialist. He will give us a diagnosis of the problem we may have and thus be able to give us the best possible treatment.


So, if what we want is to avoid going to the doctor, the best way is to prevent the cause!