hacer deporte reduce el estrés

Playing sport on a continuous basis is the best ally to fight the so feared anxiety. In recent years, the number of people who are under stress has increased. Stress is present in the vast majority of homes, no one is free from it.  Whether it’s work, housework, daily activities…

Because it is so present in our lives, we take it for granted that it will stay there forever, but the truth is that it is not good for your health, either physically or mentally. We must put an end to it because it can cause us health problems in the short or long term.

Ending stress is easier than it seems (as long as it’s not pathological) and the best way to stop it is through sport. But why sport?

It has been proven that playing sport regularly helps to reduce a person’s stress and anxiety levels. Ideally, sessions lasting at least 30 minutes should be done 3 or 4 times a week. It can vary depending on the person’s objective. Doing sport is synonymous with health and wellbeing.

Did you, did you know that doing sport regularly helps us fight stress?

Learn how we reduce stress levels through sport

We say that sport lowers stress levels because while we exercise we release hormones that improve our well-being. They reduce stress, we gain in self-esteem and security and they put us in a better mood.

Endorphins, for example, are called happiness hormones because they make us feel good. They also reduce the amount of cortisol, a hormone that we produce when we are under stress. That’s why we feel better and less stressed after a training session.

On the other hand, when doing sports we should be focused on the exercises we are doing at that moment, on executing them in the right way and on enduring the minutes that each exercise lasts. Thanks to this, we will disconnect from the stress we have been accumulating throughout the day.

In addition, by focusing on our body working in the best way, we manage to create a mind-body connection that will help us to better manage our feelings and our actions, among others.

With all this, without realizing it, we will be training without thinking about our problems, what we have to do next or what we have done before. It is a good way to live the present moment, to get rid of stress and to relax.

After a workout, we will feel tired but relaxed, happy with ourselves for the effort we have made in doing the exercises and with much more energy and strength to continue with our day.

But that’s not all, by doing sport constantly, our body will suffer a series of changes.  It will be transformed, it will gain muscle mass, it will lose fat, we will lose weight, etc. We will feel good about our body, proud of the goals we have achieved and, therefore, our self-esteem and mood will improve.  

As you can see, doing sport regularly helps us fight stress, but it also brings many other benefits. Don’t hesitate to start training today to benefit from it.