ejercicios cardiovasculares

Today we are going to talk about cardiovascular exercises, also known as cardio. It is a type of aerobic exercise that mobilizes the largest muscle groups in our body.

Doing cardio we are in constant movement for a certain time at an intensity of at least 50%. Most of the exercise we do (80%) is of this type.

Some of the reasons why people decide to do these movements is because there are a lot of different exercises that we can do, they adapt to any age and physical condition.

But these are not all the reasons. Due to the great benefits they bring us, they are the favorite exercise of many people.

Benefits of cardiovascular exercises:

  • It helps you lose weight: the constant movement to which we subject the body while doing this type of cardiovascular exercise, is the key so that we can burn calories and lose weight. Of course, to be really effective we must do at least three 35-minute sessions a week.
  • It avoids fatigue: the body will get used to doing sports, it will be more active, with more energy and consequently we will have less fatigue. To be more optimal, we must drink before, during and after training, rest correctly between each session and avoid overtraining.
  • It prevents us from suffering from any disease: because it strengthens our muscles and organs, in addition to extending our life expectancy. We will also reduce bad cholesterol, the possibility of suffering diseases derived from obesity, etc.
  • It improves cardiovascular health: heart problems are the leading cause of death in the world. Doing cardiovascular exercises prevents the deterioration of the heart, improves blood pressure, we will provide oxygen to the heart… Which reduces the chances of suffering from heart disease or heart attack.
  • It strengthens the immune system: when a bacteria or virus tries to attack our body, the immune system is prepared to fight them, it also prevents possible infections.
  • It strengthens muscles and bones: after a few weeks of training, our body will absorb more calcium, which will strengthen the bones and reduce the risk of injury. We will also have stronger and more flexible muscles.
  • It raises your self esteem: when we do sports, the body produces endorphins and other hormones that make us feel better, reduce bad mood, provide more energy and reduce anxiety. That’s why at the end of a training session we are less stressed, in a better mood and with high self-esteem.

Now that we know the benefits, let’s see what types of cardiovascular exercises we can do, since there are many.

Types of cardiovascular exercises:

Crossfit: a sport modality that consists of doing functional exercises at high intensity. These exercises are perfect for those who want to achieve results in a short time.

Tabata: you also work at high intensity, but the training lasts a short time. It is perfect for people who do not have much time to do sports. It is possible to tone and strengthen the whole body at the same time.

Aerobic: they are a mixture of movements that require a continuous force, of different intensity and controlling the breath. All this to the rhythm of the music. It is the perfect sport for those who want to strengthen their heart health and lose weight, while having fun.

Steps: these movements are also done to the rhythm of the music, but they are done by going up and down a step. It helps to improve coordination and agility of movements.

Hiit Training: It is a high intensity interval training. To be able to do them you have to be in good physical condition. For this reason it is better that you start doing other exercises and when you feel ready, you can do these.It is important that, if you are starting to practice sport, you do it by doing a few sessions a week, one or two days. After a few weeks and if your body has gotten used to it, you can increase the frequency of your workouts.

Combat: It may not seem like it, but this discipline is also part of this category. It is an intense exercise where you have to move quickly.

Soon you will notice in your body and organism these benefits that we have explained to you. The effort is worth it, a healthy and strong body. To have better results, you must accompany cardiovascular exercises with a healthy and varied diet.