Ser solidarios en 2023


Good deeds are not just for Christmas. Solidarity is a human value that can be developed throughout the year, every day of our lives. But sometimes, we get so caught up in our daily routine that we forget that we have a thousand opportunities to contribute to our actions and that they can be of great help.

Here are some ideas to help create a better world.

1. Blood donation

According to the Red Cross, each blood donation saves three lives. In each extraction, its essential components (red blood cells, plasma, and platelets) are separated and used for different purposes. It is important to donate and more is needed. Blood has an expiration date and it is, therefore, essential that hospital reserves are always at the necessary levels to be always available in case of emergencies, for example, in operations. Visit your country’s website to find information on where you can donate in your city. 

2. Donate your unused items

Anything you no longer use may be of great use to someone else. Clothes, toys, school books, etc. Remember that donating things you don’t use is not the same as getting rid of things that are in bad condition. They must be in good condition. In addition to being useful to people with fewer resources, some objects can be used for animal shelters, such as blankets.

3. Animal sheltering

Every day, around 700 animals are abandoned in Spain. Even today there is still a lack of social awareness, the laws are not strong enough to solve this problem and the animal shelters and associations are saturated. That’s why being in a foster home until a family is found for these animals is a wonderful way to give them shelter and love until they are adopted. You can also collaborate with your nearest shelter by bringing food or volunteering. You can dedicate some time of your week to walking dogs, help cleaning, petting, and accompanying the different animals, etc.

4. Listening and accompanying

Many people, especially the elderly, feel lonely and need company. Sometimes it is enough to listen to them or to offer them some time for a walk, a chat, or a game of cards. Think if you have someone around you who could need your company and, if you don’t, you can ask the different NGOs dedicated to it. Loneliness is not something that affects only the elderly, but also refugees, people who are suffering from an illness, women who have suffered abuse, etc.

5. Volunteer

It is perhaps the most widespread show of solidarity. Nowadays there are so many options that everyone can find volunteerism with which they feel more aligned with their values. Check the available volunteer offers and you will see that you can find them all over the world and for different purposes. You are sure to find the one in which you can offer the best of yourself and with which you will be doing giant work to help and care for other people, natural environments, and animals. Choose your cause!

6. Buy fair trade products

Shopping is an everyday action that involves more than we imagine. Practicing responsible consumption is an example of solidarity because you are respecting and caring for the natural and human environment in which we live. In addition, buying fair trade or solidarity products are ways to support solidarity projects. Fairtrade is a trading system based on transparency and respect, which seeks greater equity in international trade and takes into account social and environmental criteria.