Mujeres inspiradoras


During March, commemorating International Women’s Day, the “Inspirational Women” initiative took place on your healthy platform. It was an event highlighting the importance of female empowerment and gender equality in our society.

From March 8 to March 22, through the BeSocial module, we invited everyone to participate by sharing stories about women who have profoundly impacted their lives and the world around us. The response was overwhelming, showcasing the diversity and lasting impact of women’s contributions throughout history and today.


Among the women remembered and honored were historical figures such as Rosa Parks, whose courage in challenging racial segregation in the United States inspired the civil rights movement, and Clara Campoamor, whose tireless activism contributed to the political rights of women in Spain.

Scientists like Marie Curie were also remembered for their contribution to advancing knowledge and their fight for equality. Yayo Herrero, anthropologist, engineer, researcher, professor, and ecofeminist, whose activism and critical thinking are a source of inspiration for addressing current challenges from a gender and sustainability perspective.

Touching stories were shared about women like Mother Teresa, with several people speaking of her selfless dedication to the needy, which continues to be an example of love and compassion. Another person spoke of Irene Villa, who, despite her history, has proven to be an example of overcoming adversity, reminding us of the power of the human spirit to overcome tragedy and find hope.


Women from the art world who challenged social conventions and contributed to progress and justice were mentioned. Frida Kahlo questioned beauty and gender norms through her art, addressing taboo subjects and promoting gender equality.

Cindy Sherman challenged expectations of female representation in art and society, questioning norms and gender identity. Shirin Neshat said: “I believe art is the only way to give voice to the voiceless”. She confronted all the restrictions imposed on women in Iran through her art, advocating for social justice and human rights.

Barbara Kruger, through art, has questioned power, consumerism, and gender roles in contemporary society. Or Tracey Emin, who speaks of social expectations regarding intimacy, love, and sexuality through her autobiographical art, advocating for greater understanding and empathy toward human experiences.


Singer Rosalía was highlighted for her contribution as an artist and challenging expectations in the music world. Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, whose powerful voice and lyrics inspire and empower generations of women. Tina Turner, a symbol of strength and resilience who, through her music and personal story, inspires overcoming.


But beyond historically and socially known figures, many personal stories of women who have been sources of inspiration in many people’s daily lives were shared. From mothers and grandmothers to friends and colleagues. All of them were praised for their strength, wisdom, and ability to overcome adversity.

The “Inspirational Women” initiative has not only been a tribute to these exceptional individuals but also a collective reminder of the importance of continuing to fight for gender equality in all areas of life. Although much is still to be done to achieve full equality, each small step brings us closer to that goal.

Many thanks to all who participated and who, through their words, have conveyed their gratitude and admiration for women who are inspiring and who encourage us to continue fighting for a more just and equitable world for all.