buena alimentación

For all those people who want to improve their nutrition and don’t know how to do it, today we will give you the key. It is no other than making a good purchase, because good nutrition starts at the supermarket.

A good diet provides the essential nutrients our body needs to function properly and has the calories we need to get through the day.

It is also low in saturated fats, added sugars and has no processed foods.

This will make us healthier inside and help us live longer.

Did you know that? Here’s why and some tips you can use to eat better:


Good nutrition: Before you go to the supermarket:


To start eating better, first we have to get rid of all those unhealthy foods: high in sugar, precooked, frozen, processed, industrial baked goods, fried, etc.

These foods are called ultra-processed, to identify them we can easily read the label of nutritional information, if we see that they have more than 5 ingredients, is that they are not healthy and we have to get rid of them.  

These foods are not good for our health, they can make us overweight, high cholesterol, diabetes and many more problems.

This way, by not having them at home, we will not eat them and we will eat the healthy products we have bought at the supermarket.

Making menus or thinking about what we are going to eat is an excellent idea to buy what we need to prepare the lines. Bearing in mind that a good diet consists of 5 dishes a day.

We have to make sure that they are healthy and easy to prepare if we do not like cooking. In addition, they should be adjusted to our objectives, for example, if we want to lose weight we have to eat some foods and if we want to gain muscle mass, others.


In the supermarket:


Once we are shopping, we should buy only the healthy foods that we have included in the shopping list, this way we will avoid buying unhealthy foods.

While we are shopping, we should also pay attention to the foods we choose. For example, white rice is not the same as brown rice.

Keeping this in mind, we will pick up whole grain rice and pasta first, as they retain more nutrients and are therefore healthier.

Fruit and vegetables that are BIO or organic, that means that the number of chemicals they have will be reduced as much as possible.

Meat and fish, lean meat and oily fish. For example: chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, rabbit, salmon, sardines, tuna, trout, mackerel, bonito…


Reading the nutritional information will also help us to make sure we eat the dose of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals and water we need during the day.

So you know, if you want to eat healthy, it all starts at the supermarket.