los frutos del bosque

The fruits of the forest are perfect as a snack. Although we can consume them throughout the year and thus obtain all their benefits, during hot weather they are ideal because they are light and nutritious, so they become an ideal snack. They are very healthy and provide essential nutrients for the body. Cherries, blackberries and wild plums are some of the fruits of what we call fruits of the forest. Here are some more.

Types of forest fruits

Açai berries

They are deep purple in color from anthocyanins, a plant pigment and antioxidant. It is about the size of a blueberry. It is the fruit of palm trees in the Brazilian rainforest that grow in the most humid areas, very close to rivers. It was discovered by the natives thousands of years ago and they began to consume them for their multiple benefits.


The origin of the strawberry is not well defined. Although it is considered to be of European origin, specifically from the Alps, other sources indicate that it is of Chilean origin. It has very bright colors. It is recommended to buy those that have been grown organically, because it is one of the fruits that can filter the most pesticides due to its rough texture.

Goji berries

They have a sweet and acid flavor, a deep red color and some nutritionists consider it a superfood for its compounds. They can be eaten alone, in breakfast with muesli or cereals, in salads, in infusion… Very versatile and ideal for all meals.


They are born in clusters and are white at first, but as they grow they turn a beautiful blue color. It is used for the preparation of jams and cakes, but the ideal is to take them raw since it is in the form in which all the properties are obtained. A 14mg serving provides 25% of the vitamin C we need per day.


This fruit comes from the currant and it is a berry with an intense red color and a bittersweet flavor. It grows in hills and mountains, maturing in the summertime. It is used as a diuretic because it is highly purifying, also to reduce inflammation of the intestine. It can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.


They are from the same family as blackberries, although with a more acid and peculiar flavor and with fewer seeds. You can choose to wash and freeze them so that they are better preserved. You can add them directly frozen to your favorite shakes. They are recommended for pharyngitis and the treatment of diarrhea.

Benefits of forest fruits

The pigments of these fruits indicate a greater presence of antioxidants, beneficial for the body and are anti-aging for the skin.

Rich in polyphenols that help reduce free radicals and prevent cardiovascular diseases, among many other functions.

They are a source of vitamin C, necessary for the growth and repair of body tissues and skin. In addition, it helps form neurotransmitters that prevent depression.

Non-heme iron source. Very assimilable, since the vitamin C of the red fruits help to assimilate it.

Rich in vitamin E, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that improve the immune system, skin and hair.

High content of folic acid that contributes to the formation of red blood cells, making it ideal for the prevention of anemia. And together with B12 and vitamin C, it creates new proteins.

It contains magnesium, beneficial to defend the body, for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, strengthens bones, teeth and is a muscle relaxant.

Rich in potassium, a mineral essential for the body to function properly, from nerves and muscles to the assimilation of nutrients, the expulsion of waste from cells, and also acts as a diuretic.

They contain fiber, so it is a perfect ally against constipation.

Useful for improving circulation. They protect our immune system and fight cholesterol.