Recycling consists of converting something that was going to be thrown away into something different so that it can be used again. It seems to be something very simple and logical, but we do not always have all the information about it in order to carry out recycling with as many objects as possible.

It is estimated that, in general, each person generates 90 tons of garbage throughout his or her life. If we did not recycle any of these 90 tonnes, so much waste would be generated on the planet that there would be landfills everywhere. Hence the importance of recycling as much as possible, in order to reduce the waste we generate throughout our lives and damage our planet as little as possible.

That’s why at WellWo, we give you the reasons why we should all recycle, as well as some advice on how to do it simply. Let’s start taking care of our planet as it deserves!

Reasons to recycle:

  • The first one is by necessity, we have to reduce the emission of Co2, reduce the greenhouse effect, facilitate the storage of the waste we generate, avoid water pollution, improve the quality of the soil and much more.
  • We will save energy by not having to manufacture new products.
  • We improve the environment, because we will not use the raw materials that nature offers us to manufacture new products.
  • The market is renewed with the appearance of new products, the fruits of recycling.
  • We create jobs, it is a consequence of the increase in the activity of the recycling plants.
  • We will protect the ecosystems, since we will not destroy forests or wetlands to manufacture new products. We will maintain the planet instead of destroying it.
  • Recycling in the right way will ensure the permanence of the human being on the planet in the not so distant future as we think.

Recycling is easy to do:

It consists of reusing elements and objects from one or several products to manufacture others. If we didn’t use them in these processes, they would go to the garbage, contributing to the accumulation of waste, damaging the planet.

Recycling is linked to ecology, to sustainability (which is that the human being uses the resources of the planet and nature, but not in excess, so that the planet can generate them again, without causing a serious impact or significant damage to the natural environment).

At home, we should throw away in the trash bag that touches every container we are going to throw away. Then, we must throw each bag in its corresponding container that we have closer.  

Paper, cardboard, plastic and glass are things we are all used to recycling. Furthermore, we know that we should not throw these, and any other object, in open fields, dumps or in the middle of the street. It is something that only takes a few seconds to do and that, if we do not do it in the right way, can remain for years, centuries or forever, in the environment.

Some tips for easy recycling:

  • Use coffee grounds as fertilizer for your garden. We can take the capsules to the store where we bought them, if it is an official distributor, who will recycle them there.
  • Use the old toothbrushes to clean the corners of the house that are difficult to reach. We can even use one of them to apply the lacquer to the hair, when we get up, so that all the hairs are in place and we have a good hairstyle.
  • Reusing water, there are many possible ways: when we wash the fruit, vegetables and other foods for cooking, we can use that water to water the plants. When we go to take a shower and wait for the hot water to come out, we can put the mop bucket on and use that water later to scrub the floor or clean the car.

These are just 3 examples of what we could do, but there are hundreds of ways to recycle. Just be aware of them and take action.