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Pilates is much more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. The creator of this method is Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who sought the connection of body and mind. Something like a healthy mind in a healthy body.

This method, wants to take care of all aspects of our life, food, sport and mind to be as healthy as possible.

With this method we will do exercises to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. But also, to improve and coordinate the breathing.

We will do this with specialized machines designed by the creator of the method or without material, depending on the movement we make.

This method, has been improving with the years and thanks to several professionals it has been adapted to the way we know it nowadays.

It is an ideal method for people who want to keep in shape, for athletes, for high level sportsmen as a complement to their exercise routines and also for those people who are doing physical rehabilitation.

The Pilates method has six basic principles: control, fluidity, concentration, precision, breathing and core.

If we manage to control these six aspects, we will achieve a mind-body connection.


What are the benefits of Pilates?

Because it is such a complete method, Pilates brings us great benefits. Since it can be adapted to any physical condition and age, practically everyone can practice it. So you no longer have any excuses not to start practicing it today and see the benefits of exercising regularly!


If you start today with the Pilates method, you will benefit from:


With Pilates you will gain flexibility: 


By doing constant exercises and postures that stretch your muscles, we are making them longer and more flexible. This translates into greater flexibility and range of motion.


You will tone and build up your body: 


Thanks to the exercises of the Pilates method, you will be able to strengthen, define and fortify the muscles of your entire body. Especially abdominals, back and gluteus.


You will improve your breathing thanks to Pilates:


This method has a series of exercises dedicated to breathing, mastering them will help us breathe better, which will help blood circulation. This was one of the main objectives of the creator, as he suffered from asthma and wanted to improve his physical condition.


You will correct your posture:


Thanks to the exercises and discipline you will acquire with practice, you will always have a straight back. You will also learn how to place your shoulders and contract your abdomen to improve your posture.


You will learn to keep yourself in control:


To do the movements of Pilates we have to have control of our body and mind to execute them correctly. With time you will learn how to control body and mind.


You will strengthen your joints and muscles:


Apart from strengthening your muscles, as we said before, your joints will also be strengthened, in addition, they will increase their range of motion, this will decrease the risk of suffering an injury in muscles or joints.


By practicing Pilates you will have more energy:


It’s proven that the more exercise we do, the more energy we have. Also, by improving blood circulation and breathing, we will train more effectively.


You will lose weight:


By practicing sports regularly, we are encouraging weight loss. If we combine this with aerobic exercise, we will burn many more calories.


So, you know, if you want to get all these benefits and have a healthier life, start practicing this method.