amor propio

Although it may not seem so, lack of self-esteem can be the source of our discomfort. It makes us make bad decisions, generates conflict and modifies our behavior. 

Respect (which also implies acceptance and appreciation), care and knowledge are the fundamental pillars of love. They are the ones we have to care for and cultivate to avoid the lack of self-esteem that generates that discomfort and other negative consequences that we have mentioned before. 

When we respect something or someone, it means that we accept it as it is and value it. Therefore, we do not need to question it, criticize it or try to change it. We accept it as it is and reaffirm it. 

Care means that our love is such that we do everything possible to make it grow and to preserve it. 

These two concepts are directly linked to knowledge, because we cannot respect or care for what we do not know.

What we achieve with our own esteem is to respect ourselves, to take care of ourselves in every way, and to learn to know ourselves. When we lack one of these 3 concepts, our life becomes an uncertainty, we do not know who we are, where we are going, what we feel, or what we do. 

3 Tips to increase your self-esteem

So that this does not happen and you can feed your own estimate, here are 3 easy tips to put into practice. 

Learn that you are kind

We’ve all thought at some point in our lives that there’s something wrong with us. There are people who only focus on the negative, on the things they do wrong, criticize themselves and don’t look at the good things they have achieved. This may be due to many different situations, but it may be because they have grown up in an environment where only their mistakes stand out. 

The first sign that indicates a lack of self-esteem is precisely this, when we only criticize ourselves and do not highlight anything good about ourselves or others. 

To avoid this situation, we must stop looking only for negative aspects, we must highlight the positive ones and the good things we do. One way to do this is to look for two positive things every time we think of something negative about ourselves. 

You must strive to increase your self-esteem

We must never forget that everyone should be respected and valued. One of the ways to give this value is through conscious effort. This will also feed our self-esteem. You may not notice it, but it will make you feel worthy and therefore help you respect who you are and what you do.  

If we do something without effort, the opposite effect occurs. We take away the value of our actions and therefore we take it away from ourselves.

By effort we do not mean that we must go against our wishes or become violent in order to do so. Rather, we refer to the effort we must put into making everything well done and complete. 

Try to understand those who take away your courage

If we are dependent on the opinion of others, we will never be able to be happy or comfortable with ourselves. 

It should be noted that the opinions or criticisms of others are rarely sufficiently elaborate or compelling to be taken into account. Other people do not spend the day thinking about us in order to draw their own conclusions. The vast majority, when they speak, do so lightly and without thinking. This is not constructive criticism, which should be detailed and profound in order to be taken into account. 

Therefore, we should not take them into account because they are unfounded. However, many people feel that they do not meet the needs of others or that they do not act as others expect. This only ends up creating problems for the person who feels this way. 

We must learn that our mission in life is not to satisfy others, but that we must find our own way and do what we really like. This implies that sometimes we will do things that will not please everyone, but we must keep in mind that nothing happens.

If we cultivate our own esteem, we will learn to accept ourselves and others. Moreover, if we love ourselves, others will also respect and value us. Self-esteem is one of the things that gives us the most satisfaction in life and makes us feel better about ourselves, increasing our well-being.