pensamientos positivos

Having positive thoughts has great advantages. It will help us to be more successful in life, to live with less stress and to be in a better mood.

But these days, with the rush, the stress and the responsibilities, it is sometimes difficult to think positive thoughts.

Many people give a lot of importance to physical health, to playing sports, but forget about mental or emotional health, which is just as important, if not more so.

As it is not always easy to achieve a state of positivism, today we will give you some easy advice to put into practice so that you can find your way to peace and happiness. Besides, if you are happy, those around you will also be happy because, happiness is contagious!

To begin with, we need to know that happiness is achieved in 3 steps: think, feel and act.

Positive feelings facilitate positive thoughts and behaviors, and these facilitate healthy feelings and thoughts. It’s like a wheel of positive habits and customs that feed back.

In order to achieve a balance between what we think, feel and do, we must put into practice a number of aspects. If you do this, you will see that you will feel more relaxed, happier and less stressed.

9 tips to always have positive thoughts:

  1. Focus on the present: we have to focus on the present moment, accept everything that’s happening to us, whether it’s good or bad. Give the importance that every fact that happens to us deserves. If we worry about things from the past or things that might happen, our minds will be full of negative thoughts. We should minimize the worries and the means.
  2. Use positive language: instead of complaining, we should strive to look for nice, positive words; this will make us think more positively.
  3. Positive visualization: it is about visualizing positive or creative memories or thoughts. If we visualize them, it will be easier for us to think positive thoughts. This way we will have a healthier chemistry and boost the immune system.
  4. Accepting that not everything is perfect: there are imperfect situations and things, that we can’t do anything to change them and that not everything will go as planned. This way we will live more relaxed, we will be surprised with the results of things and we will have less frustration.
  5. Laughter: we must try to laugh a lot, because the more we laugh, the more we will activate our emotional system. We will decrease stress, we will secrete endorphins (happiness hormone) and we will strengthen our immune system. In addition, we facilitate the appearance of a sense of well-being.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people: Positivism is contagious, if you surround yourself with people who think positively, you will do so too, and vice versa. By being more positive you will encourage the creation of a positive environment and make people happier.
  7. Contribute to the community: it is one of the best ways to feel positive and happy with yourself. Helping those in need makes us happier.
  8. Listen to music: music modifies our internal rhythms creating an emotional experience. However, for the effect to be positive, we must perceive it as something satisfactory.
  9. Do physical exercise: doing sports facilitates the production of hormones that contribute to our well-being, so immediately after practicing it, we will feel better. This not only improves our mood, but also brings long-term benefits to our health.

If you are one of those who put all this advice into practice, you will surely be a positive person and therefore happier.

If, on the other hand, you don’t put these tips into practice, you already know what you need to do if you want to change your way of thinking.

At WellWo, we want to help you to have a healthier and less stressful life, both at home and at work.